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No, I don’t want ice (!) or water (!) and you shouldn’t.

February 1, 2012

Some years ago my wife and I were invited to have dinner at the home of one of her sister’s (she has 2) and brother-in-law. Whilst waiting and visiting I observed a bottle of The GlenRothes (unknown vintage) sitting proudly on display. Being forward I asked about the whisky and was told my brother in law was beginning to explore Scotch. He would be opening the bottle after supper and I was welcome to a dram, should I be interested. Well, obviously I was interested.

Later, after dinner, my wife and I were approached by one of her brothers (she has 4) who informed us the bottle was being opened and asked would I care for a dram. Yes, I replied. He then asked if I would like ice (!) and water (!) with my whisky. I replied, sharply, that I would not and neither should he. Perhaps my tone was a bit brusque but a great dram is not improved by freezing and drowning.

This past Christmas our brother in law gave to me a special gift; a “triple pack” containing wee (100 ml) bottles of The GlenRothes: 1998, 1985, and Select Reserve. Slàinte

GlenRothes: 3 wee bottles

A Christmas gift from a brother in law !

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  1. Peter Sellar permalink
    February 10, 2014 10:44

    Regarding the “no ice no water” should touch the spirit. We done the whisky tour in Scotland and as evryone was offered a wee dram we were given a ‘wee’ drop of water which was gently dropped into our dram and told that it helped to sharpen the flavour

    • February 14, 2014 21:52

      True, a wee drop opens the whisky, but unfortunately too many folk drown the whisky and in effect create a glassful of whisky flavored water. Ice is even worse; it shocks the spirit, and as it melts there is more and more water mixing with less and less whisky.

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